Recent report from The Economic Policy Institute found out that pay disparities between genders begin before majority of people expect in The USA. In the recent years, the gap has also been widened for younger women.

The Washington Post reports that “Paychecks for young female college graduates are about 79 percent as large as those of their male peers, the think tank found — a serious drop from 84 percent last year. The sudden change follows a more gradual shift. In 2000, women ages 21 to 24 with college degrees earned 92 percent of their male counterparts’ wages on average, which was unchanged from 1990.”

The gap in this early stage is especially surprising since male and female counterparts have more similar work experiences. But with the more difficult beginnings to the workforce for women, the gap only widens more with time leading to less women in higher ranking positions.

When did you learn about gender gap pay? Do you know if you get paid the same as your counterparts?