Lasikatto.Club is an emerging community. We share stories of women and men who bump into, crack and shatter the glass ceiling, facts and figures about invisible barriers at work and new perspectives and views on gender equality.

Aslı Bildirici

Aslı Bildirici is a freelance producer currently residing in The Netherlands. After graduating with a double degree in “Media and Communication Systems” from İstanbul Bilgi University and Liverpool University, she has worked as an assistant producer in several companies and cultural projects that value creativity and social impact. Aslı is currently working as a freelance producer as she is studying for her masters in “Film and Photographic Studies” in Leiden University.

Mari Soppela

Mari Soppela is an award-winning filmmaker and mixed-media designer. After studying videography in Finland and computer graphics in the Netherlands, she gained an MA (Computing in Design) at the Middlesex University in 1993. Based in Amsterdam and Finland, she runs a creative studio LPMA Productions & Recordings with composer Leo Anemaet.

Mari’s film career has taken her on an odyssey from suicidal depression in her native Finland (Family Files) through challenging the fear of intimacy (Home Recordings) before returning north to trace the censored history of her German grandfather (Who the Devil Can See in the Dark). She has now returned to Amsterdam where she is working on Lasikatto – The Glass Ceiling and A Year on the Sacred Mountain. 

Julia Ton

Julia Ton is a self-proclaimed nomadic film entrepreneur. After finishing her Bachelor in Economics in Rotterdam Julia started working for the international orientated film production company from BAFTA award winner Kees Kasander. Working her way up from office manager, to producer assistant, via line producing, to an all round producer. After almost ten years working in the film industry she has found her own production label Project 1961 LTD.

Julia is one of the emerging UK film producers that is participating in the Birds Eye View Filmonomics Plus Program 2016/2017, with Rebecca O’Brien as her mentor.